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You and your business deserve better than good enough.

Nurture, grow, thrive is our philosophy. At H6 we want to help you nurture the seeds you have planted by helping you to understand what your business needs financially and assisting in correcting any deficiencies. We want to help you grow not only in profits but as an entrepreneur. We will assist in helping you to create goals for your business and help you create a map to get there. And finally, we will be there to support you while you thrive! We know that a thriving business is a living thing that is constantly changing. Its needs change as you progress and as your goals and circumstances fluctuate. We’ll be there to help you keep things on track and headed in the direction YOU want. So, let’s go! Give us a call and finally experience the relationship you’ve been missing with your accountant!

Amanda Mitchell, EA AFC
Founder, CEO

Service Members

We got you!

Don't have a business but you are military connected and have a complicated return?

We got our start working with military connected individuals, in fact, our small team of 3 is comprised of all military spouses representing the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps! We want to continue giving back to the community we love by supporting military connected families by specializing in military tax situations.

and Veterans

Got a business or rental properties in several states and not sure what to do?

Got Questions?

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