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What does H6 mean?

H6 stands for Household 6. Its Army slang for military spouses. Its the radio callsign for your support system at home. Those that are working behind the scenes to ensure that their service member can go out and do the awesome things they do without having to worry about the back end of things. Behind every outstanding service member is a foundation of support that held them up when things got difficult.

H6 pays homage not only to the lifestyle I have lived the past 14 years of being a military spouse but its also a symbol of the energy I wanted to bring to my small business. I wanted to be the support system I wished I had when I was running my home based business. I desperately needed someone willing to just sit down and have a conversation about the scary parts. Someone I could ask questions when I had them. H6 was created to bridge the gap between small business owners and the prevailing culture of meeting with your accountant once a year. We want to be your financial sidekicks. We want to help you create the strong foundation from which your business can grow and thrive. We want to nurture your growth as a small business and entrepreneur through education and open conversations...and bad jokes. We are here to make a difference in the small business world by ensuring every small business has a shot at thriving and making it past those abysmal failure statistics that haunt every entrepreneur.

We are here to nurture the seeds you planted when you started a small business, help you grow and achieve your goals.

Meet The Team

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