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Payroll Services

Trust us to get your team paid on time! We can set up payroll, manage payroll deferrals, pay your employment taxes, and more! 

Payroll Processing

Using the payroll processor of your choosing, we will run your payroll to make sure your team is taken care of. 


Payroll Deferrals

Need help setting up payroll deferrals for retirement accounts or other payroll items? We can help you set up and manage common payroll deferrals such as retirement account contributions, company paid employee benefits, child support, etc.


Contractor Payments

We can set up and pay your contractors whenever you need to make payments. 


Manage Payroll Taxes

Lost in the sauce when it comes to payroll taxes? We can help. We can set you up with the appropriate authorities, show you how to collect and remit taxes, research which taxes you are subject to, and even talk to tax authorities on your behalf.


Got something else? 

Have something else payroll related you need help with? Let's chat and see how H6 can help!

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